This week’s ccTLD end user domain sales bonanza


A florist, a dream interpretation site, and a furniture design company bought domain names.

China, Germany, Italy, Austria, United States. Sedo is the king of country code domain names, and this week’s end user sales chart is a prime example. ccTLDs outnumber the .coms on the list!

But my favorite purchase this week is the Tampa Bay florist who bought It already owns a short domain,, but that’s an unusual spelling.

Here’s a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here. $12,000 – Parrot Tech provides a legal tool for remote depositions. It used but is now forwarding the .com to the .us domain. $9,184 – Wow, this is quite the upgrade! Alba is a furniture design and engineering company that uses the very long domain €6,000 and €3,000 – digitalnova is an Austrian hosting company. It forwards these domains to $5,600 – Estee Lauder Cosmetics acquired the brand The Ordinary a couple of years ago. This is probably a defensive play. and  €5,000 each – Ohne Makler is a service to advertise real estate without using a broker. It’s German for “without broker.” €3,690 – Present Service is a marketing platform to reach young families. It forwards this domain to €3,690 – This appears to be some sort of medical practitioner’s website. $3,500 – Goldero is a digital marketing firm. €2,999 – This domain forwards to a page on Shipzee’s website selling Shein-brand clothing. I wonder what Shein thinks about this. $2,888 – This site is all about interpreting your dreams. $2,500 –  Smart buy for Jennie’s Flowers of Tampa Bay. Jennie is an unusual spelling, and is super easy to remember. It’s clear that this florist knows domains because it owns the short domain name. But I think will serve it well. $2,300 – It’s under development, but this site will help you think positively.


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