Is Freelancing A Sustainable Profession?


The gig economy has grown over the past few years, leading many professionals to depart their traditional jobs and begin freelancing to earn an income. With this shift, freelancers’ work is taken more seriously now than ever. Freelancers can have many contract proposals, but before you jump in and have a look at all the probabilities for freelancing, chances are you’ll wonder if freelancing is a sustainable profession path.

Many experts and current freelancers agree that freelancing is a sustainable profession path for self-motivated individuals; it might even be enjoyable and profitable for those who know the right way to reach the precise clients. Whether you select to do that to complement your income and reach your financial goals, as a solution to earn money between full-time jobs, or you ought to turn freelancing into your full-time job, freelancing is a wonderful opportunity.

Freelancing as a Viable and Sustainable Profession Path

In response to a survey done by, five out of six freelancers can reach their income goals inside two years of starting. Of those freelancers, the 42% who achieved their goals throughout the first 12 months were twice as more likely to earn greater than $75,000 a 12 months, which is a full-time earning income. This income makes freelance work lucrative and sustainable.

Freelancers can often get long-term clients to assist them receive a gentle income, but frequent promotions can herald lucrative, short-term projects as well. When you construct enough clients, you may sustain the work for a very long time. But you could be proactive. Having a plan in mind to handle all of the work and ensuring that you simply always work on customer interactions can assist your corporation change into sustainable and grow.

Freelancers Commit Growth

Most freelancers don’t jump into this with the concept they’ll make a bit of money over the short term. They do it to assist them reach the long run. Actually, WiseBrand’s data shows us that 54% of freelancers don’t need to return to full-time work once they jump into freelancing.

These freelancers are professionals. They often have worked within the industry they plan to freelance in before they go solo. They know the ropes and the right way to reach more customers too. They are going to take the time to market themselves, getting their services and name out to clients. They often spend as much as $100 every month on different marketing initiatives. What’s surprising is that 86% of freelancers do their very own marketing.

The numbers show that investing in marketing as a freelancer pays for itself. You’ll be able to decide to do a few of the marketing on your individual or hire an expert to assist ensure your services can be found to those that need them.

Seasoned Freelancers are Completely happy

Freelancers are likely to be happier and more satisfied with their work in comparison with their counterparts who work for another person. While millennials are breaking the bottom through the use of marketing on social media to assist launch a latest profession, older freelancers, or those older than 35, are far less more likely to return to full-time work in comparison with their younger peers. As well as, studies show that 57% are satisfied with the work/life balance that freelance work brings them.

One other aspect worthy of notice is how respondents to the survey selected to label themselves. This helps us see their self-image and the profession paths they wish to select. Half of the respondents determined they were self-employed, 19% call themselves small-business owners, 12% just like the term freelancer, and one other 19% identified themselves as entrepreneurs. Respondents benefit from the work and are proud to inform others about their work too.

For many who don’t appreciate their current work/life balance on the office, freelancing can provide a few of the vital solutions. It takes time, and it is advisable know good time management skills to make it occur, but for those professionals who go down the trail and revel in it, this might be an excellent profession.

Businesswoman taking part in the gig economy for building her side hustle

Numerous Great Opportunities

The gig economy goes to proceed. Actually, in america, 3.2 million full-time independent contractors are estimated to say greater than $100,000 in annual income every year. There are one other 12.9 million who work part-time as freelancers and still more who work each full and part-time but make lower than $100,000. This provides quite a lot of lucrative profession opportunities for all professionals.

Regardless of the sphere you select to pursue as a freelancer, there are lots of great opportunities so that you can enjoy. You’ll be able to select your hours, determine how much to charge for the work, and make lasting connections that turn right into a full-time income. And whenever you utilize your good skills with some implausible marketing, you can see that this could be a lucrative profession selection for any skilled.

The work structure throughout America is evolving, and the demand for these independent employees with the precise skills will only increase. At the identical time, firms look to change into more flexible and agile. Not only do freelancers appreciate a probability to make money working from home and select their hours, many firms see the advantage of hiring independent contractors as well, making this a implausible opportunity for either side.

The Bottom Line

Freelancing could be a sustainable profession, but only for those who go into it with a plan and are able to market yourself and your services well. The gig economy is growing like wildfire, and plenty of professionals benefit from the freedom and increase in income they’ll earn after they decide to work as an entrepreneur relatively than for another person. Actually, many freelancers have higher job satisfaction with this profession selection than some other, and plenty of decide to follow it long-term.

Each freelancers and firms see the advantages of this independent work, which helps to make it a lucrative solution to earn money, whether you do it part-time or full-time. Having a superb plan and seeing this as a viable solution to earn money can assist turn it into your required full-time income earner.


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