Sahil Gupta tries to steal Spase .com again and fails miserably!


Sahil Gupta, this world class idiot, tried to steal the domain name Spase .com again and failed miserably!

This time it was even worse. He filed the same UDRP complaint for the same domain name at The Forum (formerly known as the National Arbitration Forum). I have no idea what he expected to accomplish with this but all he got was another loss.

The 1-member panel found Sahil Gupta once again guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking. The respondent didn’t even file a response this time. It was so obvious that this complaint was dead on arrival.

The Panelist Dawn Osborne said in the decision:

In this case the Domain Name was registered in 2005 long before the Complainant began use of and had rights in the SPASE name.

As such there is no evidence that the Respondent targeted the Complainant and could not have known of the Complainant, its business, rights or services at the time of registration of the Domain Name. The Domain Name cannot have been registered in bad faith to target the Complainant as required for the Complainant to succeed under the Policy.

As a result of the WIPO Case the Complainant must have been aware that the Domain Name could not have been registered in bad faith as the Complainant lacked the relevant rights in the SPASE name at the time of registration of the Domain Name. As such the Panel has no alternative but to hold that this Complaint is a case of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking.

The complaint was of course denied and Sahil Gupta became one of those very rare idiots that get a Reverse Domain Name Hijacking TWICE for the same domain name!

Read more about Sahil Gupta here:

Sahil Gupta, wanna be thief of Spase .com, falsely reports me on Twitter

Sahil Gupta gets his Reverse Domain Name Hijacking poster!

Sahil Gupta files the same complaint! (Also tweets to NASA about nasa(.)org!)


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