Tips on how to Write a Respectable Resignation Letter [+Samples & Templates]


Although hundreds of thousands quit their jobs every month, we understand that telling your boss that you simply’re leaving the corporate is rarely a simple conversation. A respectful resignation letter can mean the difference between an ungainly goodbye and a likelihood for a long-term skilled connection.

But how do you write an excellent resignation letter? What do you have to include and exclude? Let’s dive in.

What’s a resignation letter?

A resignation letter is a proper document that lets your employer know that you simply are resigning out of your position. It may well be submitted either by email or printed letter.

It permits you to officially announce your departure from the corporate and offers essential housekeeping information, like your last day and other details about your exit. Ideally, you will submit your resignation letter at the very least two weeks before leaving the corporate.

An efficient one helps you ensure a positive conversation along with your boss and a smooth transition to your next journey.

Resignation Letter Format

The letter ought to be detailed but temporary. It is best to need to inform your manager of your decision, but keep it skilled if the explanations are less positive.

The format of a resignation letter typically goes as followed:

  • Date and salutation: your letter should start with the date together with a proper salutation to your manager.
  • A press release of resignation: use the opening paragraph to state what role you are leaving, and when. That is generally known as a press release of resignation.
  • Body paragraph: the body paragraph may be used to precise gratitude in your time at the corporate, in addition to your exit plan.
  • Closing paragraph: although optional, you should use the closing paragraph to list your contact information. This is particularly encouraged for those who plan to make use of your former employer as a reference.

In the subsequent section, we’ll go into more detail about these key elements and take a look at just a few examples.

Writing knowledgeable resignation letter starts with understanding each of its components.

example of what to include in a resignation letter

1. Statement of Resignation and End Date

Begin your letter by stating your position at the corporate. This may appear redundant for those who work at a small company and your boss knows you well, nevertheless it’s essential to incorporate it because the letter is your official termination. Together with this information ought to be an easy statement of your resignation.

Also, providing an end date in the primary paragraph is useful since that is one in all your employer’s first questions.

Here’s what this primary paragraph may appear to be in practice:

I would love to tell you that I’m resigning from my position as [Position Name] for [Company Name], effective [Date].

2. Gratitude

Take the time to contemplate how you’ve got grown or what you’ve got appreciated most about your time at the corporate. Be as specific as possible. Perhaps the corporate provided skilled development opportunities. Possibly you’ve got enjoyed the environment the corporate fostered and the supportive atmosphere.

It is also nice in your employer to receive a thanks for the time and resources they’ve utilized in supporting your profession growth. Here’s an example of what this may occasionally appear to be:

I appreciate the opportunities for skilled development that you have got provided me over the past two years. I actually have enjoyed my tenure at [Company Name] and feel honored to have been a part of such a supportive team.

If you happen to’d like, you may include where you are heading. For instance, for those who’re switching industries to pursue a passion or going to graduate school, it is perhaps appropriate to incorporate that. For instance:

I accepted a position as a [New Job Title], and I’m looking forward to [pursuing my passion in [X] or continuing my work with a concentrate on [Y].

Nonetheless, for those who’re leaving the corporate for a competitor, it’s higher to omit such information.

3. Transition Details

Within the third paragraph, mention your willingness to make the transition easier. For instance:

If I may be of any help during this transition, please let me know. I’m available to assist train my substitute and be certain that all my reports are updated before my last day of labor.

This sentence might look different for you. But no matter what you write, it’s good practice to incorporate specific details regarding how you will help.

As an optional follow-up paragraph, briefly review the work you will be surrendering while you officially leave the corporate. Even though it’s technically your manager’s responsibility to select this work up and determine how it’s going to proceed, it’s helpful to list all of the projects and tasks you’ve got been in control of to make the transition even easier on the corporate within the interim.

If you happen to didn’t serve in a managerial capability or collaborate with other departments, you would skip this part.

4. Personal Contact Information

This last paragraph is optional and doesn’t must be included on a regular basis, particularly if you have got no desire or need to make use of your former employer as a reference. Nonetheless, many candidates select to keep up their skilled networks. A closing may appear to be this:

Thanks again for the chance to work at [Company Name]. I wish you all one of the best and look ahead to staying in contact. You’ll be able to email me at [Email Address].

1. Future Profession Moves

While you may mention where you are going next, you needn’t tell your employer about your latest position or salary at length. Keep things skilled. You’ll be able to acknowledge how the present position helped your advancement inside your industry. Your letter ought to be direct and reflective in tone to your employer.

2. Distasteful Language

It goes without saying, but a resignation letter is not the time to make use of profanity and obscene language. You’ll want to remain respectful and skilled until your end of tenure. Although it’s possible you’ll feel the urge to criticize your former job, the resignation letter is not the time to air out the dirty laundry.

3. Emotional Attachments

If you happen to’re leaving a supportive work environment, it’s helpful to pass over emotional sentiments within the letter. Be as skilled as possible. You’ll be able to illustrate those emotions through face-to-face meetings with others.

4. Criticism of Coworkers

Your resignation letter doesn’t need to incorporate negative comments about colleagues or managers at the corporate. The letter is supposed to conclude your tenure, not blame others for incomplete tasks.

5. Projecting Bitterness

This isn’t the time to project your resentment towards your current job. You’ll want to reflect on positive moments and the way you gained useful knowledge in regards to the industry and yourself. You haven’t got to go away on a sour note along with your employer.

Free Skilled Resignation Letter Templates

HubSpot resignation letter templates

Download the Templates Now

Sometimes the character of your position merits a more specific letter of resignation while you leave. Below are a few templates that help these more dynamic roles make a graceful departure from the corporate.

1. General Resignation Letter Template

Regardless of what position you’re resigning from, this template from HubSpot can provide help to communicate your departure with ease.

This resignation letter provides space so that you can thank your manager, outline positive experiences out of your time at the corporate, share your last day, and discuss why you made the decision to go away.

HubSpot general resignation letter template

2. Contractor Resignation Letter Template

If you happen to work freelance, you would possibly need to regulate the main target of your resignation letter to deal with your final assignments and exactly how you will be parting ways along with your client. This includes your current duties, tasks you will not complete, and the way you will accept your final payment.

contractor resignation letter template

Image Source

Dear [Mr./Mrs.Ms.] [Name],

I regret to tell you that I will likely be resigning from my position because the [department] Freelancer as my contract with Company A will likely be expiring on April 20, 2022. I actually have enjoyed my time with the corporate, and I actually have learned and grown an incredible deal. I’m completely happy to have been an element of the corporate, and I would love to thanks for the opportunities I actually have had at Company A.

I’m saddened to be moving on from the corporate, but I’m going to be taking over latest challenges with Company B. I hope my experience here has helped the corporate with their projects and I’m completely happy to have been an element of the team.

If you have got any questions or concerns, please be at liberty to contact me. I will likely be available to provide help to with any final projects.


Charles Bloomberg

3. Executive Resignation Letter Template

A fast email or two-paragraph notice to your superior may not suffice as an official resignation for those who’re in an executive- or senior-level leadership role.

Because these roles are harder to fill, you would possibly play a more significant role within the transition period, especially because you manage more people and judge on the direction of more projects.

The instance below separates the resignation into two sections. The primary is the resignation itself, and the second is how (and with whom) the resigner’s work will proceed. It’s just one in all the various templates we’ve to supply.

executive resignation letter template

Image Source

Dear Board of Directors,

Please let this letter function my resignation as CEO of Anson Incorporated effective immediately. The steadily dropping value of Anson stock and the whole loss of religion of the shareholders may be placed firmly on my shoulders. I not feel as if I can do one of the best possible job for the corporate and must resign from my position.

I’ll cherish the chums I actually have made and hold onto the various accomplishments which are a part of my history with Anson. Once I first arrived we grew revenue by 45 percent and saved lots of of jobs. But as time went by, I discovered it difficult to regulate to the changing business and political climate in our industry.

I’m confident that the board will give you the option to seek out a superb substitute as CEO and convey the corporate back to its former glory. I only regret that I used to be unable to sustain the success that occurred once I first arrived at the corporate.

If you happen to need any information or paperwork filled out, then call me at 000-000-0000 or email me at I wish you and the corporate one of the best in the longer term.

Sincerely Yours,

Geoffrey J. Harper

4. Teacher Resignation Letter Template

Depending in your occupation, it’s possible you’ll need to search for a more career-specific resume template. As an illustration, this teacher resignation letter template provides space for discussing your experience working with students and the way you will assist with the transition.

teacher resignation letter template

Image Source

Dear Mr. Amthor,

Please accept this letter as my formal resignation from my position as 4th grade teacher at Highland Hills Elementary School. To make sure ample time for a smooth transition, my last day of employment will likely be December 16, 2017, the ultimate day of the autumn term.

My experience as an educator has been insightful, difficult, and fulfilling, and dealing with the Highland Hills students has brought me great joy. Thanks for the chance to speculate within the lives of youngsters through learning and play. I’m grateful to have been a part of this team and can carry the various lessons I learned with me into my future endeavors.

Since the continued success and care of the scholars is of upmost importance to me, I’m dedicated to doing whatever I can to make the transition as seamless as possible. I’m completely happy to coach my substitute on our current curriculum and the content we still must cover for the spring exams.

I hope all one of the best for the Highland Hills students, teachers, and administration. Thanks again in your support and leadership during my time here.


Darla Williamson

Skilled Resignation Letter Samples

With the above templates in mind, let us take a look at just a few sample resignation letters for various positions, each taking a rather different but amicable tone to their resignations.

1. Gracious Resignation Letter Sample

You’ll be able to share why you are quitting if they are not work-related reasons. The explanations ought to be positive or neutral. Its tone is thankful that the employer took a likelihood on you. Most offer an prolonged hand to coach the incoming person. The letter features a notice of resignation at the very least two weeks upfront.

gracious resignation letter sample


Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

I would love to tell you that I’m resigning from my position as Data Analyst for Company A, effective January 3.

I appreciate the opportunities for skilled development that you have got provided me over the past 4 years. I actually have enjoyed my tenure at Company A, and feel grateful to have began my profession alongside such a dedicated team.

I actually have accepted a teaching position in Virginia. While my experience at Company A was rewarding, I’m excited to pursue my passion for teaching.

If I may be of any help during this transition, please let me know. I’m willing to assist out with freelance work until you discover a substitute.

Thanks again for the chance to work at Company A. I wish you all one of the best and look ahead to staying in contact. You’ll be able to email me at X.



2. Temporary Resignation Letter Sample

A temporary resignation letter will include two essential things: your date of resignation and a proper notice to your supervisor. An excellent letter may include a “thanks” line, nevertheless it’s not obligatory. Although you are ending your tenure along with your current employer, you don’t need to burn a bridge without honoring your notice deadline.

brief resignation letter sample


Dear Mr./Ms/ Last Name:

Please accept this letter of resignation from my position as content creator at Company Y. My last day of employment will likely be June 1.

It has been a pleasure working with you and the team for the past two years. Particularly, I’ve enjoyed tackling extensive copywriting projects because the business has grown. I’m very appreciative for the opportunities to develop my skills in the sector, and wish to thanks for all of your guidance and insight. I wish your organization much success.

Please let me know for those who need any assistance with the transition.



3. Immediate Resignation Letter Sample

While one of the best method to quit a job is to present at the very least two weeks’ notice and offer to assist with the transition, sometimes circumstances make that unimaginable. If you should leave your job immediately without warning, you wish an instantaneous resignation letter.

Here’s a sample that may provide help to:

immediate resignation letter sample


Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

I regret to tell you that I’m resigning from my position because the X at Company A immediately.

While my contract requires me to work until July 31, I could be grateful if I could stop working immediately. I sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this sudden news may cause.

Thanks for the improbable opportunities you’ve got offered me to grow professionally and personally.

Please let me know if there may be anything I can do to make the transition smoother.



4. Retirement Resignation Letter Sample

A thoughtful resignation letter is particularly essential if you find yourself retiring. Not only are you telling your employer while you plan to stop working, but you furthermore may are notifying them of while you plan on receiving retirement advantages.

It isn’t unusual to have conversations about your retirement before you officially resign. Depending in your position or company policy, it’s possible you’ll be asked to present prolonged notice so your employer can higher prepare in your departure. At a minimum, you must give 30 days notice, nevertheless it’s courtesy to present more time, especially for those who are higher up in the corporate.

retirement resignation letter sample


Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

With great consideration, I actually have decided it is time for me to retire from Company A, starting on September 30.

I actually have enjoyed working here over the past X years and I’m pleased with every little thing our team has achieved. Though I’m sad that this chapter of my life is closing, I’m looking forward to traveling and spending more time with family.

As we prepare for my departure, I’m completely happy to help with hiring my substitute and anything that may help make this a smooth transition.

Thanks for all of the opportunities and support you have got offered me through the years. I wish you all one of the best.



5. Prolonged Notice Resignation Letter Sample

Although giving two weeks is the usual, providing additional notice of your resignation will likely be much appreciated by your employer because it gives them more time to organize in your departure. Leaving your job in a considerate way can leave a long-lasting impression in your employer and should provide help to out down the road.

extended notice resignation letter sample


Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name,

Please accept this letter as notice of my intent to resign from my position at Company A at the top of this quarter. My last day will likely be June 30.

While it is hard to go away this incredible team, I will likely be moving on to pursue an MFA in Creative Writing on the University of Iowa. It is often been my dream to write down books and I think that that is one of the best path for me to realize that.

Thanks for all of the support and guidance you have got given me during the last X years. I’m deeply grateful for all the opportunities I actually have had here.

Since my last day is six weeks from now, I’ll work toward completing my current projects, together with training and handing off my high-level tasks to other members of the team. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do that will help ease this transition.



6. Personal Reasons Resignation Letter Sample

From time to time, life throws us a curveball. And depending in your situation, it’s possible you’ll must resign out of your job for private reasons. Whilst you needn’t specify in your resignation letter, personal reasons can include moving to a latest location, caring for a member of the family, becoming a stay-at-home parent, or addressing serious health issues.

personal resignation letter sample


Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name:

I regret to tell you of my resignation from Company A. Attributable to personal reasons, I’m not in a position to fulfill my duties as project manager. My last day of employment will likely be April 15.

It has been wonderful working with you and the team for the past three years. I really appreciate the opportunities I actually have been given to develop my skills and grow inside my role.

Over the subsequent two weeks, I’ll work to finish my remaining assignments and hand off my ongoing projects to other members of the team. I’m also completely happy to help with anything it’s possible you’ll need during this transition.

Thanks in your guidance and understanding. I’ll look back on my time here at Company A fondly. I wish you all one of the best moving forward.



Able to Write Your Resignation Letter?

Be polite in your resignation letter irrespective of your role, state why you are leaving, and be clear on who you are informing. Gratitude and support during your departure go a good distance with employers, and the final thing you would like to do is leave the corporate on a sour note — even for those who’re leaving for unpleasant reasons.

By drawing inspiration from these resignation letter samples and templates, you will protect your skilled bridges and keep your skilled network intact as you begin your next adventure.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in October 2018 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.


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