MediaOptions partners with DAN.COM for domain brokerage


MediaOptions today announced a partnership with DAN.COM, the blockchain-powered Domain Automation Network, to provide brokerage services to customers listing domains on the DAN.COM platform. The partnership combines the DAN.COM platform with MediaOptions’ domain brokerage services in order to drive significant increases in conversions and sales for participating domain portfolio owners.

“DAN.COM is a leader in domain name transactions, making change of control and ownership of digital brands easy, safe and instant. The demand for available domains continues to increase, however, the domain market is failing to efficiently organize and keep pace with the increase in demand. DAN.COM aims to close this gap using blockchain technology to better automate and streamline escrow processes, and also introduce new and domain purchase and use models in a scalable and frictionless way.  The end goal is to make domain transactions more fluid and secure, providing buyers and sellers with more options and opportunities than ever before.”

“Our partnership provides DAN.COM customers with greater returns while democratizing access to MediaOptions, which is the number one domain brokerage firm in the world,” said Reza Sardeha, CEO and founder of DAN.COM. “We continuously strive to provide our customers with the most advanced domain transaction platform in the world, including the integration of services from trusted and valued partners like MediaOptions.”

“With 9M domain names listed on its platform, DAN.COM regularly fields a substantial number of brokerage requests. Under this new partnership, MediaOptions will handle these requests and convert them into successful transactions. MediaOptions will manage the brokering of these sales, while the escrow, payment and related domain transfers will be done on the DAN.COM platform — providing buyers and sellers with an unprecedented combination of platform features and brokerage capabilities.”

“I have been a big fan of DAN.COM for years. They continuously innovate in the domain space and have built an impressive and highly functional platform,” said Andrew Rosener, CEO and founder of MediaOptions. “At the same time, we continue to make strides in growing our business and finding efficient ways to bring our best-in-breed services to more customers. Our  partnership with DAN.COM will allow us to continue that growth, significantly increase our lead flow, and bring our ‘Domains-as-a-Service’ model to more customers — all while working with one of the most technologically forward-thinking companies in the industry.”


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