5 things you don’t want to see from a potential buyer!


I got a domain name inquiry from a potential buyer. The domain is a 4 letter .com domain. It is not a word but it has good letters in it.

The inquiry came from a generic looking free Yahoo email address from an IP in Santa Monica, California. I know the domain has a few deep-pocketed potential buyers and I will not let it go for less than 6-figures. I didn’t give a price on my first reply (but later on) and I was right to do so.

The first reply came from the same email address but “From” had a different name that the name of the person that was sending the emails and the actual name in the yahoo email address.

To make things clearer (using fakes names):

  • Name in contact form: john doe
  • Name in email address: john.doe87@ yahoo
  • Name signing the emails: john doe
  • Name in “From” field in the email: Martin John

So starting from that email and from the next few emails I found out that this buyer has a lot of traits that you don’t want to see in a potential buyer of your domain name.

So this potential buyer has 5 things you don’t want to see from a potential buyer:

  1. A buyer that is hiding behind a free email address.
  2. A buyer that is probably using one or 2 fakes names. (and a fake name in the email address)
  3. A buyer that doesn’t agree with your domain name valuation. In my situation that is without giving any reasons and not really disagreeing with any of my multiple valuation points. He only said “Why is (****.com) considered a premium domain name? Perhaps if it was premium, it would have already been sold and not available.” and then “I respectfully disagree with your price.”
  4. A buyer that says that he wants to negotiate but after 5 emails he has not made a single offer.
  5. And a buyer that because he is probably using a fake email address he is not checking his email often! In this case I get a reply every month or so. We started talking in June!

Or maybe you want to see a potential buyer hiding like this because it means they have deep pockets??? 🙂

Will this be a good sale or is he just a tire kicker? (A lot of) Time will tell!


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