12 AI Tools to Help You Grow Your Blog


OK, you get it. Artificial intelligence is sort of an enormous deal. It’s an enormous buzzword within the marketing community, with people talking every day about the way it’ll change the world. And you’ll be able to’t throw a rock without hitting an organization with AI within the name nowadays.

But what about real-world uses for AI? How can marketers begin to make use of AI to resolve actual problems they’ve? All of the speculation and theory are interesting. But at the tip of the day, marketers have KPIs and business goals to fulfill.

Seems, there are AI tools that may enable you get more readers in several other ways, starting now. Today, we’ll cover which tools can enable you grow your blog. But first, let’s explore the advantages of using AI.

The Advantages of Using AI to Grow Your Blog

You would like to get more people to read your blog posts. More people reading means more opportunities to convert those readers into prospects.

More prospects mean more opportunities to sell. More sales equal happier executives — which in turn means a happier marketing team.

AI can enable you grow your readership so you’ll be able to keep the engine running. We’ll explore how below.

1. Write higher posts.

Higher posts equal more engaged readers. Period. However it’s not at all times easy to enhance your writing. AI is here to assist.

AI tools can enable you check for common spelling and grammar mistakes. Moreover, these tools can enable you convey the appropriate tone. The result’s writing that captures attention.

2. Blog about what people wish to read.

You possibly can write the world’s best post, nevertheless it doesn’t matter if it’s on a subject your audience doesn’t care about. How do you discover compelling and popular blog topics?

There are just a few AI-powered tools that might help with this, too. AI content assistants might help suggests topics and brainstorm outlines for posts. Further, you should utilize AI-powered website positioning tools to enable you find opportunities where you’ll be able to rank highly on search engines like google and yahoo.

3. Engage readers more.

Your existing readers may love your content. But how often are they consuming a couple of post per session? Are they served fresh content before they leave your site? Most significantly, are they served additional content they really care about?

Personalization is vital to engaging readers and keeping them coming back for more. It is a scalable solution to be sure every blog reader stays on-site longer.

4. Find more readers on your blog.

Other than creating great content, how do you discover more readers? A technique is by going to where they congregate online. AI tools can enable you pinpoint potential clients and offer you details about their online gathering spaces.

From there, you’ll be able to be sure your blog appears in the appropriate places to achieve traction.

5. Scale your blog and create more posts.

The more content you’ll be able to publish, the more eyeballs you will get in your blog. This requires you to scale blogging, which is usually a challenge. The initial draft of a blog is usually time-consuming. Just the research phase can take around four hours for many writers.

Generative AI can create each outlines on your blog post and the text itself. This means that you can focus your internal writers on more complex stories or on editing the AI’s output.

6. Optimize your content.

HubSpot’s SEO tool uses AI to suggest search optimizations on your blog content, providing you with site recommendations ranked by priority and impact. Hubspot’s website positioning Marketing Software does the heavy lifting of SEO research for you by providing you with content topics that Google users commonly seek for.

By optimizing your blog, you’ll be able to potentially move onto Google’s first page for any given set of keywords.

7. Create royalty-free blog images.

No blog is complete without at the least one image. Nonetheless, stock images blur together, and you might not have the artistic ability (or time) to make beautiful images from scratch. With AI, all you have to do is write a prompt. From there, the algorithm can design the image for you.

Now that we’ve explored how AI can enable you level up your blog, let’s discuss the precise tools that may enable you grow.

12 Essential AI Tools for Bloggers

1. Content Assistant From HubSpot

cheap ai, HubSpot content assistant

Image Source

HubSpot’s content assistant tools might help write copy fast. The assistant uses generative AI to assist write the text for blog posts, landing pages, newsletters, and more.

Not able to have AI do all of the writing? The content assistant tool may also generate blog post ideas and descriptions on your work. You possibly can still write the majority of your text yourself, but you’ll at all times have a transparent plan to follow.

Remember: Artificial Intelligence can’t fully replace the whole job of a content author, but by creating the primary draft, your writers can focus their energy on other projects reminiscent of web content, website positioning, internal needs reminiscent of sales collateral or product needs, and more.

Price: Free.

Best for: Writing blog posts.

What we love: Your blog post needs to focus on the appropriate keywords to achieve traction. Content assistant can enable you optimize your text for website positioning so you’ll be able to construct your audience.

2. ChatGPT

Generative AI tool, ChatGPT

Image Source

Tools like ChatGPT can enable you with the content-writing aspect of a blog. This AI tool uses natural language processing (NLP) to assist craft latest written content from scratch. You possibly can ask the interface to assemble research on your writing or generate the text itself.

Nonetheless, be sure you’re aware of ChatGPT’s limitations. For instance, its AI references content published in and before 2021. In the event you’re writing about something current, this tool can be out-of-date.

Price: ChatGPT is currently free. Plus plans start at $20 per 30 days.

Best for: Writing blog posts.

Pro tip: ChatGPT requires very specific instructions. You’ll have to practice writing one of the best prompts to profit from this tool.

3. ChatSpot

cheap ai, chatspot

Image Source

Let’s say you’re publishing a report or blog post that requires data out of your CRM. ChatSpot is here to assist. This tool integrates along with your HubSpot CRM, so you’ll be able to gather and interact along with your data entirely with chat-based commands.

ChatSpot also provides a long-form content-writing feature that may generate draft blog posts to streamline your content creation process.

Price: Free.

Best for: Writing and researching blog posts.

What we love: If asked the appropriate questions, ChatSpot can enable you research the blog post topics you wish to cover.

4. Uberflip

cheap ai, uberflip

Image Source

Uberflip uses AI to streamline the content creation process and enhance the reader experience. The tool catalogs the topics you have written about. Then, it recommends content to visitors based on what they’ve already read in your site.

By leveraging Uberflip’s personalization feature, you’ll be able to tailor your blog content to different audience segments, ensuring that every reader receives content that meets their needs.

Price: Pricing is accessible upon request.

Best for: Promoting blog posts.

What we love: Uberflip can enable you create a centralized content library that showcases all of your blog posts. This ensures that readers can easily navigate across your content.

5. Crayon cheap ai, crayon

Image Source

Crayon uses AI to present you intelligence on what competitors are doing online. The tool analyzes over 100 various kinds of data online from seven million sources. It tracks changes to competitor web sites over time and uses AI to display probably the most meaningful insights from competitor activity.

These insights reveal much about an organization’s messaging and content strategy. That provides smart marketers a lot of material for their very own blogging.

You may also mix Crayon with HubSpot’s Content Strategy tool. The Content Strategy tool uses AI to assist marketers discover latest content ideas. You will get suggestions on topic clusters to pursue. You can too determine which opportunities are price spending time writing about.

Price: Pricing is accessible upon request.

Best for: Monitoring competitors.

What we love: You possibly can determine what topics matter most to audiences and where gaps exist to fill along with your own content.

6. Pathmatics

cheap ai, pathmatics

Image Source

Pathmatics uses AI to point out you digital promoting information for a whole bunch of brands. You possibly can see how much a brand has spent on ads and which campaigns its run.

Most significantly, you’ll be able to see where the brand advertisers are. This information can inform you where audiences like yours hang around online.

As an example, you could possibly use Pathmatics to see where your competitors advertise most. From there, pick top industry sites that align along with your blogging. Voila! You’ve gotten some good ideas on who to pitch on your guest posting strategy.

Price: Pricing is accessible upon request.

Best for: Monitoring competitors.

What we love: With Pathmatics, you’ll be able to see side-by-side competitor comparisons and channel views.

7. BrightEdge

cheap ai, brightedge

Image Source

BrightEdge’s suite of AI-first products makes content production lots easier. On one hand, the corporate’s solution automates production tasks. Say goodbye to tedious things like adding header tags, cross-linking, and optimization.

On the opposite, BrightEdge will tell you which of them sorts of content may perform well on your brand. That saves you a ton of time and increases confidence within the ROI of blogging efforts. BrightEdge may also recommend ways to rank your content and keep readers engaged.

Price: Pricing is accessible upon request.

Best for: Constructing your strategy.

What we love: BrightEdge can enable you find gaps in your content library, so you’ll be able to cover all of your bases and grow to be a one-stop-shop for readers.

8. Surfercheap ai, surfer

Image Source

You possibly can leverage tools like Surfer to get a comprehensive content rating, so you’ll be able to easily determine how optimized any given piece of content is. This AI tool may also generate catchy H1s and H2s, giving your content writers a general structure to go off of.

Surfer also gives you a plagiarism checker. Google will penalize any content that it identifies as being stolen from other web sites.

Even for those who don’t use the opposite features of Surfer, that is an incredible Chrome extension for ensuring you don’t by chance copy anyone’s writing.

Price: Pricing is accessible upon request.

Best for: Optimizing content.

What we love: Surfer analyzes your competitor’s content and suggests improvements to make your content more relevant. With Surfer’s help, you could find goal keywords, meta tags, and more.

9. Acrolinx

cheap ai, Acrolinx Image Source

In the event you’re an enterprise trying to scale your blogging, Acrolinx is price a glance. Acrolinx has AI read and analyze your content. Then, AI uses what it learns to be sure everyone follows brand standards and guidelines.

Regardless of what number of writers you have got the world over, they’ll stay on the identical page. All posts are on-brand and follow your style criteria exactly. That frees up loads of time normally spent tweaking, formatting, and editing for consistency.

Price: Pricing is accessible upon request.

Best for: Editing content.

What we love: Acrolinx does the tedious task of enforcing style consistency so you’ll be able to spend more time on high-quality blogging.

10. Grammarly

cheap ai, grammarly

Image Source

Grammarly is a tool that uses AI to recommend higher writing. It could inform you your grammar mistakes and find out how to fix them. It could also offer powerful recommendations to enhance your tone and magnificence.

For a person blog author, it is a critical tool to remain at the highest of your game. For teams, it could actually transform the standard and effectiveness of your entire blog.

Price: A free version is accessible. Paid plans start at $12 a month.

Best for: Editing content.

What we love: Grammarly offers tone suggestions so you’ll be able to be sure your writing matches your intended message.

11. Fotor

cheap ai, fotor

Image Source

Using an AI image tool like Fotor can enable you lower your expenses on stock images while generating exactly what you wish on your blog. Fotor can create art in several styles reminiscent of 3D, realistic, oil painting, cartoon, illustration, photography, and more.

Recent users can stand up to 10 pictures a day, making Fotor free to make use of on a small scale.

Price: Paid plans start at $4.99 monthly.

Best for: Image generation.

What we love: Fotor’s AI algorithm can analyze the user’s design history and offer suggestions, helping users make design decisions that match their style and preferences.

12. Night Cafe

cheap ai, nightcafe

Image Source

Night Cafe’s AI can analyze vast amounts of image data to grasp object placement, colours, and other visual elements. This understanding enables its AI to generate latest images based on this existing data.

Night Cafe uses a credit system for image generation, meaning you’ll be able to take part in the net community to get credits or purchase them.

Price: A 100-credit-a-month plan costs $4.79.

Best for: Image generation.

Pro tip: Don’t forget so as to add beneficial image alt text to any image you add to your blog, so your blog may be fully optimized.

Getting Began

AI in marketing is growing fast. Leveraging latest tools can enable you increase your blog output, find the appropriate audience, and optimize content for search.

Fail to profit from the chance, and your site will fall behind. So start experimenting with AI tools to see what works best on your team.


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