These wholesale prices for .io domains are simply ridiculous


What the hell are you doing people? These wholesale prices for .io domains are simply ridiculous!

You are paying $2k-$5k for bad one-word domains in .io? By bad domains I mean domains that don’t go well with .io AND/OR are unlikely to be chosen by startups as brand names.

I noticed that the domain name was sold for $11,338 in a backorder auction. Here are all 4-figure and 5-figure the .io sales from the past month according to 3,755 USD 17/9/2020 3,488 USD 15/9/2020 2,600 USD 15/9/2020 2,000 USD 14/9/2020 4,330 USD 12/9/2020 Sedo 7,777 USD 10/9/2020 28,888 USD 9/9/2020 1,630 USD 8/9/2020 3,499 USD 3/9/2020 Sedo 2,457 USD 3/9/2020 5,000 USD 1/9/2020 Sedo 3,387 USD 1/9/2020 10,790 USD 31/8/2020 Sedo 49,995 USD 30/8/2020 DomainBooth 3,574 USD 30/8/2020 4,250 USD 26/8/2020 Efty 13,000 USD 25/8/2020 Sedo 3,500 USD 25/8/2020 Flippa 2,500 USD 25/8/2020 2,000 USD 25/8/2020 Flippa 1,125 USD 23/8/2020 3,753 USD 22/8/2020 1,775 USD 20/8/2020

Are you really paying 4 and 5 figures in wholesale for a 2nd or 3rd tier extension when the average .com sales price is less than $5k? for $3,755 and for $3,488 in wholesale? Why? Am I missing something here? Because I don’t see many sales over $10k to justify these prices. And must be sold for at least $40k-$50k to make any sense in ROI.

In the past year I see no sales over that sale for $49,995. Here are the 5-figure .io sales from the past 12 months: 49,995 USD 30/8/2020 DomainBooth 48,500 USD 5/7/2020 Page Clinic 39,750 USD 4/11/2019 28,888 USD 9/9/2020 28,888 USD 9/7/2020 28,888 USD 11/2/2020 25,000 USD 11/12/2019 22,500 USD 27/7/2020 22,500 USD 16/2/2020 RapidNames 20,000 USD 10/10/2019 14,988 USD 12/4/2020 Pvt Sale 14,500 USD 26/4/2020 Morgan Linton 14,000 USD 2/8/2020 GritBrokerage 13,000 USD 25/8/2020 Sedo 12,000 USD 10/10/2019 11,918 USD 4/2/2020 Sedo 11,397 USD 14/7/2020 Sedo 11,323 USD 13/8/2020 11,279 USD 9/3/2020 Sedo 10,790 USD 31/8/2020 Sedo 10,001 USD 17/12/2019 10,000 USD 21/6/2020 Afilias 10,000 USD 28/2/2020 UltraDomains 10,000 USD 25/2/2020 10,000 USD 2/2/2020 Uniregistry 10,000 USD 2/2/2020 Uniregistry

And these are the top 10 .io sales of all time according to NameBio: 68,000 USD 10/6/2019 67,000 USD 28/9/2018 60,000 USD 20/11/2016 49,995 USD 30/8/2020 DomainBooth 48,500 USD 5/7/2020 Page Clinic 45,000 USD 29/5/2015 Flippa 40,000 USD 15/5/2018 Sedo 39,750 USD 4/11/2019 30,000 USD 8/1/2018 30,000 USD 19/12/2017

These sales don’t justify paying 5-figures for a .io domain in a backorder auction. I mean “imagine” is a popular word but “sun” or “cloud” are a lot better and sold for less than $50k.

(There has been mention of end-users bidding in these auctions but I don’t think this is so widespread. And even if there was one end-user there was also a domainer pushing the end-user to these prices.)

In July 2018 Art Malkov wrote a guest post on about .io domains. I wonder what he thinks now about the wholesale market and the end-user market.

Making money with .io domains

I don’t doubt that you can make money by selling .io domains. But you have to purchase them at the right price! And the right price is well below what people are paying these days.

You do understand that you are now officially in a bubble? Somebody is going to get stuck holding many overpriced domains.

There domains will have a very low ROI (if any) and with renewals at $30+ they are not the easiest to keep as inventory.

Also there is a chance that .io will go out of fashion within startups or something else will happen. Maybe the British Indian Ocean Territory stops being a country??? Or Afilias that bought the .io registry (Internet Computer Bureau) for $70 million in 2018 increases .io domain renewals by x10.

I know I am not going to be the most popular guy between .io domainers and .io marketplaces but I had to call it as I see it. If you got in early in .io domains then you lucky for sure but this seems like a good time to cash out.


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